Tenacious, Energetic, Strategic & Constantly Curious


• te-na-cious:  persistent, determined, dogged, strong-willed,  tireless

• en-er-get-ic:  active. lively, dynamic, zestful, spirited,animated, vibrant

• stra-te-gic:  tactical, judicious, prudent, shrewd

• cur-i-ous:  eager to learn, inquisitive


MY STORY-AKA This Natural Leadership Thing

I was once asked in an interview, “How do you deal with your natural leadership skills?” Not one for being left speechless this    time I had to pause and think about the scope of the question because doesn't everybody take charge and solve problems?

This was an ‘a-ha’ moment-a recruiter had nailed my sweet spot.

My career has spanned wonderful , innovative, new-to-market projects that include: starting a finance company, opening a boutique travel agency, developing a niche food-processing enterprise, and reinventing a water treatment manufacturer.

My knowledge management project portfolio includes investigative, market intelligence, and risk-management engagements.

DRILLING DOWN-Getting it Right

I constantly strive to build a better product, project, investigation, operational retrofit or social justice outcome. My mind is switched on 24/7 analyzing how to render a more cost effective or efficient process, improving triple bottom lines.

There is a song lyric that says “straighten up and fly right”- that's my MO.

I use best practices and a lot of common sense to sort out operational and strategic issues that confound others. If you have an engagement or project that requires innovation, broad-sector knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking, let me help you.

Fearless, forthright and candid. I will dive in, drill-down and deliver results in an efficient and clearly laid out plan.

Check out my Projects Page and you'll see that I aspire to make everyone and everything work more efficiently with clarity and beyond expectations.

When I am not engaged as a process project executive, you'll find me mucking about in my gardens or on the tennis court.