The Art of Pudding Ltd. – Celebrating Comfort & Joy            2013 to Present

I started this seasonal company in 2013. This was after my hobby of giving home-made Christmas puddings as holiday gifts had soared to over 50 units per year out of my kitchen, with requests coming in to bake extra puddings for other familiy and friends. 

The pudding company and the King George Christmas pudding were born - with a first-year beta test, great press, some burned fingers and Ontario retailers happy with the product on their shelves. By Holiday 2015 production had increased five-fold and had moved to a BRC-certified facility.

I am now supplying over 60 retailers across North America and website ships hundreds of units to locations around the world.

I learned from this that branding and product development are my real passions so let me assist with your product's life cycle.

Llenroc Consulting - Exceeding Client Expectations             2000 to Present


Forensic Accounting Engagements – LBC International, nagel & associates

Investigative and forensic accounting is a real passion of mine. Firms retain me for research, due diligence and investigation of market data, competitive analyses and precedent files. My reviews and reports are used at trial as litigation support in both civil and criminal cases.  All my work has contributed to client-awarded decisions in the courts.

Finance & Marketing Project Management – Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

I was retained as part of a 4-person executive team that built the first of-its-kind, 5-year, $100 million global budget for the marketing and finance departments. Over 6 months, 90 hotel properties and their stakeholders were consulted to evaluate a $1-Billion-dollar marketing program on a cost/benefit platform.

Compliance Consultation and Process Re-engineering – Torstar Media Group

An organization with a problem – too much success – needed assistance to shore up policies and procedures to tighten controls, set up an order audit trail and institute critical checkpoints in the fulfillment and logistics supply chain. The project involved strict PCI compliance requirements on an international distribution platform.

Market Research and Pricing Associate - Strategic Pricing Group, Stuart-O'Hara Consultation, Anderson & Associates

I was retained as an SME field consultant for pricing, hospitality,  and governmental studies.  The engagements required qualitative and quantitative reviews in very short time frames spanning large study populations.  All the projects required the highest level of independent thinking, triage problem solving and hefty doses of common sense. Data was gathered in person,    electronically or via telephone interviews. The scope of the projects ranged from 4 weeks to 3 years' long and engaged domestic and international study populations.

Digital Project Director - Toronto's Bid for the 2008 Olympic Games

The Bid for the Olympics was very organic, and I saw the immediate need as a volunteer (and then paid consultant) to take over the role as the digital Intrapreneur for Toronto's initial internet presence on the global stage. In 6 months I curated, wrote, designed and established the hierarchy of the Bid's tri-lingual content. With a nominal budget and a team of volunteers I created Toronto's first digital footprint for the 2008 Olympic bid.

There's much more to tell about the depth and breadth of my experience and skills -